22 oz. Bottles

22 oz. Bottles

Look for our 22 oz. bottles at area liquor stores. We have the Rickhouse Bourbon Barrel Stout, Standing Stones Scotch Ale, and Kremlin Russian Imperial Stout on shelves now.

Keep watching our Facebook page for announcements, because we have more in the works.

We'll keep buildin' 'em if you keep drinkin' ‘em.

About Us

Who is House of Brews?

House of Brews is Madison's newest and smallest microbrewery. We intend to brew a wide variety of beers on our "repurposed" dairy equipment at the brewhouse.

House of Brews is also Wisconsin's first "Community Supported Brewery." Following the CSA model used in agriculture, we will take subscribers who will receive a periodic allotment of beer (some of which will only be available to them) and they will also get input as to what is brewed. For more information on how that will all work, click here.

Find Us

HoB Beers

On tap around Madison at:

Weary Traveler Free House
Old Fashioned
Vintage Brewing Company (west side location)
The Fountain
The Library
Malt House
Villa Tap
Tex Tubb's Taco Palace
& others being added all the time.

Don't see a House of Brews beer available where you are? Ask the bartender -- our fans are our best salespeople!

Find out more about our beer.

Spotlight on: Gazebo Summer Wheat

Our latest beer is light, very refreshing and perfect for hot summer days.  Gazebo Summer Wheat is fermented with a yeast that produces quite a bit of fruit flavors (lemon with a hint of banana), and lends it a zesty tartness.

Tap Room Hours Extended!

Our tap room has been pretty popular so the hours have been expanded to include weekends (see below).  As always carry in food is welcome.  We are looking to start tours soon, so check back for info on that and be sure to like us on Facebook.

Currently our hours are Tuesday to Saturday 3:30-9:30pm. Cheers! 


CSB Relaunch

Our Community Supported Brewery (CSB) concept is back in a revised and better format. Instead of growlers, consumers will receive a case of (12) 22 oz. bottles once a month.

Subscribers will also get to participate in two annual tastings at the brewery where we will talk about various beers and beer styles to get feedback as to what types of beers subscribers like and what they would like to have brewed. Plus, have some fun!

Speaking of fun, all subscribers will get an invitation to an annual party here at the brewery. And, as a bonus, subscribers will receive a 10% discount on admission to all other events at the House of Brews including our annual "Mob the House" Pre-Great Taste party.

Finally, since subscribers are very important to our success and connection to the community and influence what we brew, we want to encourage them to come into the tap room regularly, so they will get "Tuesday tap pricing" (currently $.50 off) at all times... for them AND their friends that join them!

Plus, there will be subscriber discounts and occasional "surprises"

Overall, we want the CSB to be fun, interesting and rewarding. For more details and to sign up, click here.