Speed to Market

Get your brand launched sooner versus later. Our contract brewing services can get you up and running much faster than having to source/purchase equipment, find a location and build out a brewery.

House of Brews currently brews for about 5 other brands. In addition to this, we have helped launch brands that have moved on to start their own facilities and brewed beer for them while they were completing their buildout.

Cost Savings

While the starting per barrel price of $200 (including basic ingredients - with limits on hard to source or expensive ones) may seem high to some, compared to the hundreds of thousands it takes to start a brewery, it's very cheap. A typical startup brand can be launched for around $5,000.

Small Minimum Batch Size

We have a one batch and10 barrel minimum. We are not going to lock you into a contract that doesn't work for you.

More $ You Can Put Towards Marketing

In a highly competitive and crowded craft beer market every single dollar put into marketing is that much more important. House of Brews takes care of the beer making so you can focus on getting your beer out in the mouths of consumers.

It's Still Your Beer!

Despite one of the major criticisms of contract brewed beers, you still decide how the beer is made and can even come in and direct the process. We work very hard to produce exactly what you have in mind.

We are Cool to Work With

Above all else our passion for helping people get their craft beer brand launched and successful, we never do a deal that everyone isn't cool with. To be successful the business relationship has to be a win win.

References available upon request.