Most people do not immediately understand what I mean when I say we are going to be a "Community Supported Brewery, or CSB." "Wait, aren't most small breweries "community supported?" I mean, after all isn't that who buys their beer?"

Not exactly. What I mean by this is that  part of my business model is to copy the one that is already used by many small farmers across the country and is referred to as "Community Supported Agriculture, or CSA."

What this entails is customers signing up or "subscribing" to the business for a certain period of time (six months to a year in my case) which involves paying money up front for the products (beer in this case) later - usually on a periodic basis (monthly in this case).

This helps the producer raise capital needed to get production going and forms a bond between the producer and the consumer that is closer than one involving a third party intermediary (reseller). To this end House of Brews intends to:

  1. Set up a means of ongoing dialog between the subscribers and the brewery to find out what they want to have brewed and what they think of beers produced.
  2. Host one or two "beer education" events a year, which will be free to subscribers.
  3. Host an annual "Appreciation Dinner" - probably in the fall, also free to subscribers.

So, I hope those of you who live in and around Madison will join and will also tell your friends. If you are interested in a subscription, please fill out the CSB subscription form. Please write to me at if you have any questions.

There is a lot more that will be unique about House of Brews, so check back here to learn more.

Page Buchanan - Owner

We can boil!